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Just thinking of James Garner

“Learn your lines, show up on time, hit your mark, and tell the truth.”
— James Garner

As an American actor, producer, and voice artist starring in several television series for more than five decades, as Bret Maverick in the 1950s western series Maverick and my favorite, Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files, James Garner lead an excellent career over a course of 50 years.

Also, his leading roles in The Great Escape (1963) with Steve McQueen, Paddy Chayefsky’s The Americanization of Emily (1964), Grand Prix (1966), Blake Edwards’ Victor/Victoria (1982), Murphy’s Romance (1985), for which he received an Academy Award nomination, also Space Cowboys (2000) with Clint Eastwood, and The Notebook (2004).

Great actor. Great man.