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On Page 2,201 CLOUD Act

On page 2,201 where it says U.S. and other countries new powers to directly collect data from tech companies instead of requiring them to first get a warrant. It would even let foreign governments wiretap inside the U.S. without having to comply with U.S. Wiretap Act restrictions.

Major tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Oath support the bill, siting, “it makes their lives easier by relinquishing their responsibility to protect their users’ data from authorities.” So much so, their lobby power behind getting the CLOUD Act attached to the omnibus government spending bill was their doing.

President Trump has signed off on the legislation, the CLOUD Act, 2,232 pages, must-pass omnibus package so to speak. There’s certainly other issues in the omnibus package to be concerned about, but don’t lose sight the CLOUD Act will prove to be an impact on all of our privacy and would have serious implications and set a new precedent.