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Reasons for Giving Back

What are a few reasons for giving back even if you ain’t that giving?

For most of us, whether you donate things, money and/or time, it  is great to give. Giving, just like anything, comes in all forms. There are all kinds of personalities and some just don’t like to give. They are greedy by nature.

How we can attract the more of the greed-loving types to break open those wallets or to donate their time?

Some of those greedy by nature types us the excuse that welfare is not good for society, saying “Hell no, I ain’t no liberal. Greed is good.”   We have a way around it, folks.  You can’t slam basketball into a hole on the green.  Guess, what, there are monetary / business benefits if you or your company gives back.

So, let’s take a look at a few:

  1. Tax Benefits: Tax benefits are great business reason. In fact, for those hardened types, it’s a great business decision especially if you are looking to get that tax break. Our laws allow for charity deductions.
  2. Feeling Good: Wow, just give it a try.  When you do it, you’ll simply feel better by giving back. It’s good for the mind, body and soul. Let me tell you, when you have the ability to give back, it all leads to better performance.
  3. Civic Duty: Another positive attribute that can help others, all the while, illustrating that  you are a well-rounded citizen.  civic duty. I believe that it’s my duty to pay it forward and to help those less fortunate. It gives me motivation in both my personal life and my business life.
  4. Community Outreach. Personal and business relationship can be forged in working with like minded people giving back to the community in support for people who are going through some of the worst times in their lives, and, for those of who are less giving, showing that you are giving, looks good to possible clients. It is only natural that you’re going to network when you are at a community event, be a charity event or some other community function. This can be just as valuable as attending a business conference.
  5. Social Media. We all know just how valuable and vital positive social media is to access a new audience, and to build relationships or to fortify old ones highlighting what you’re doing. Not only is it helpful for you, it is great for the cause you’re supporting.
  6. Brand Awareness. Practically every company spends time performing acts of goodwill. Plainly, it attracts talent, and just looks good to the business world. Showing the market and great talent that they are charitable, that they great to work for, that they are a successful company that can afford the expense. It enhances their exposure by creating a story during the quiet periods. If you’re not releasing a new product then what do you have to talk about? Performing a good deed is a great way to express who you are in the sea of entities.

Let’s tell it like it is. We are a capitalistic republic that has some socialism tendencies, depending on the agency and the state.  Nevertheless, we  cannot fully depend on the public sector to take care of the less fortunate.

The private sector must step up and they do, for the most part. This is why the government has allowed for the 501(c) organization (a nonprofit organization in the federal law of the United States according to 26 U.S.C. § 501 and is one of 29 types of nonprofit organizations which are exempt from some federal income taxes) to operate, and for the people to benefit more from giving to those types of companies.

Our God fearing nation is based on taxation, and no matter what those whinny greedy egomaniacs think or do, we need to pay taxes as an American.

Nevertheless, we can always say, “You give and you will receive.”

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