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The Counter in Studio City

There’s one thing for sure, I am watching my diet these days, and meat is taking the second fiddle.  I have no qualm anymore about not eating it everyday.  But let me tell you, Friday rolls around and meat is on my mind. I cannot shake it.  So sorry to all you veggies out there, my diet needs a little red in it, medium rare that is.
So where do I go in the neighborhood?  Burgers at the Counter in Studio City is my pick. Outrageous. This contemporary chain with customizable gourmet burger tops the charts.  Wherever they are sourcing, they know what good meat is all about.  For all you less meaty types, they do offer vegetarian alternatives. 
The burgers I would suggest and the chili french fries as well. Cut just right, not frozen, I don’t think cause that is non stop mouth frenzie. Oh wait, the cold beer. My favorite is the 805 from California.  It all goes well with the burger you build.  That beer?????  COLD!  They take into consideration the temperature of the beer also offering frozen mugs to boot.
By far, favorite for the price and possibly favorite for the quality.  Family friendly also. The best sourced meat and the coldest beer. I just don’t understand why in this day and age, why other restaurants can’t live up to the quality, and service, excellent by the way.  The Counter in Studio City is my recommendation for the week.
The Counter in Studio City
12117 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604